Thanksgiving: Game time!

Because this is Thanksgiving week, I’m not at all inclined to talk about work.  However, because you help support my family through referrals to my mortgage company, I should probably mention something related to mortgages so here goes: Rates are low, buy or refinance now!!  Is that good enough?  Now on to something much more appropriate for this week!

Have you ever played “hide and go seek” inside the house – in the dark?  Just the other evening I was playing with my kids, and I heard my 4 year old say what every hidden player longs to hear: “Man, Daddy’s a good hider!” You know when you’ve heard those words, you’ve achieved hide and seek nirvana!!  Because it gets dark early this is the best time of year for hide and seek in the dark.  I encourage you to play with your kids or grandkids!

Do you have a favorite game you like to play with family?  Because we’re approaching the holidays and many of us will spend a lot of time with our families and loved ones, I want to use my blog as a venue for people to share their games with others.

I have begun posting all of my weekly newsletters on my blog entitled “Mortgage Revealed”.  Obviously (and refreshingly) not all of my newsletters are entirely about mortgages and the economic environment.  You’ll find this newsletter and previous ones posted on this blog and you can comment on the content.  (I’d be honored if you would subscribe!) If nothing else at least leave a “comment” to share a favorite family game or recipe that you think others would love to have for the holidays.  Feel free to include your name, occupation, and contact info if you’d like!

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to share a family pastime with you: “Family Olympics”!  This is a great way to spend Christmas Day, laughing and being crazy without being bored silly watching TV and wishing you hadn’t eaten so much.  Soon after the New Year I’ll also share a game we invented at Superior Home Loans called “Motion Activated Neurobic Undulation Allowing Limitless Satisfaction”, or “MANUALS” for short!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember to spend time enjoying the blessings all around you, those of family, friends, food, and freedom!


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