Christmas Greetings From Steve


Every so often Bart passes the joy of his weekly newsletter writing on to me!  I figured I’d first take advantage of the opportunity by introducing my growing family to you.  You get stories of Bart’s experiences and pictures of his kids every week, but I’d be remiss to not show off my adorable girls too!  


My wife Leanne and I are very blessed to have our two beautiful girls, Evelyn and Gwendolyn Marie.  From our family to yours we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and may God bless each of you and your families at this wonderful time of year!

Merry Christmas!

Today I’d like to talk about opportunity.

I had lunch with a very successful retired stock broker about a year ago at Rutherfords in Regatta Bay.  We were talking about a home he used to own in Burnt Pine (that’s the REALLY expensive area of Sandestin Resort).  He sold his home a few months prior to the sudden leveling off of the housing boom.  I thought to myself:  “Wow this guy is brilliant!  He knew right when to sell his home!” so I asked him how he knew.  He said “I didn’t, but I’m a stock broker; I know to sell when others are buying, and buy when others are selling”. 

I know, I know, too bad he didn’t time the market a little better huh?  Had he waited just about 45 more days he could have sold his home at the absolute peak for a tiny bit more!  Believe it or not, I’m quite certain that’s not what he was thinking!

Because all of you read our weekly update (…right?), you already know that interest rates touched a 50 year low recently.  But guess what?  The same loan would be about .375% more now.  Truthfully, I think we’ll see those rates again soon, but I did want to let you see the volatility in the market.  We have several people that would like to lower their interest rate but they’ve got their sites set on a rate that’s just a “little bit lower” than the lowest we had seen.  My stock broker friend didn’t wait to get just a “little more” for his home.  He saw opportunity and (wisely) jumped on it- never looking back.  Certainly he’s glad he did!

I think the true story above perfectly encapsulates one of the major differences between the highly successful and those that build a legacy of “shoulda, coulda, & wishtahwoulda”.  Unfortunately an inability to act causes people to miss opportunity all the time.  True, we don’t make a mistake through activity; but we do make mistakes through our inactivity.  Whether waiting for a little bit lower rate, or a little lower price.  How many home sellers have we seen forced to take dramatically less for their home in the end than they would have if they had just been realistic to begin with?

Am I encouraging people to throw caution to the wind?  Certainly not!   Indeed, there are market fundamentals that a professional can watch to get a feel for which way things are going.  But are you going to risk missing opportunity all together while waiting for just that “little bit”?

This same mentality can affect everything we do.  How many opportunities have you missed with loved ones because you were waiting for that “perfect” setting?  Well guess what?   You’re always going to be “too tired”.  There will never be a “convenient time”.  You’ll never be able to “afford it”.  Do you have other “worthy” excuses?  May I remind you:  Work will always be there, you don’t have to answer your emails in less than 10 minutes, and your cell phone has voice mail!

Take advantage of opportunity.  Enjoy your loved ones.  And have a very Merry Christmas!! 


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