My Favorite Time of Year!



This is my favorite time of year!  This is not a season to celebrate Nintendo Wii’s, Coach Handbags, or even Golden Retriever puppies.  This is the time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  His birth paved the way for salvation.  If you’d like more information about this, please reply to this email or call any time! 


I wanted to tell you about something fun our family does every Christmas.  We divide up into teams and have what we call “Family Olympics”.  Each year the winning couple from the previous year is in charge of organizing the event.  Each couple is to bring 2 games to play, and yes, we keep score!  Some of my favorites from times past include: building a castle with Dixie cups, paper plates and shaving cream, speed math drills, boom box toss, and a pie baking contest.  Each family brings some Target or Wal-Mart gift cards to serve as prizes and by the end of the day we’re all worn out; however it’s that “good tired” because we’ve spent the entire day enjoying being together, feeling the rush of competition, and laughing constantly!

This will be our third year of Family Olympics and Wendy and I have earned 2nd place both years thus far.  Perhaps this will be our year for victory!  If not, that’s ok because then we don’t have to organize the next year’s games!

Unfortunately I don’t have a Christmas themed picture of my whole family, but I do have a recent picture taken at the Pumpkin Patch in Niceville a couple of months ago.  We’ll be enjoying the Christmas season and I hope you do too! 

Merry Christmas!


In other news…Interest rates have continued to fall since the week of Thanksgiving.  In fact, we are currently helping a person refinance their home that just purchased it in July!  Imagine that.  Bought the home in July, and already refinancing!  Are you a candidate?

I was talking to someone just the other day about a refinance.  He didn’t want to add years to his mortgage so I showed him a way to cut 8 years from his mortgage plan without increasing his payment at all.  Nice huh?  Here’s how we did it.  Through a refinance he can cut his mortgage payment by $140 per month.  However, he’s comfortable with his current payment so I recommended he keep making the same payment after the refinance.  If he does that his mortgage will pay off in only 22 years!

Another client is refinancing, dropping his interest rate about a half percent, while paying off several items.  He is cutting his monthly expenses by over $1,000!  Now that is a huge savings! 

I understand not wanting to incur closing costs, but if you can lop 8 years off of your mortgage or save $1,000 a month, well that makes a lot of sense don’t you think?  Please count on me to help you decide what may be the best alternative for you; just give me a call…

Did you know that mortgage interest rates were at their highest point this year back in July?  They were hovering around 7%.  Since that time they’ve fallen by 2 full percentage points!  Do you know of anyone that purchased a home this past summer?  Please forward this email to them.  You could help them save 8 years of mortgage payments or reduce their mortgage payment, whichever works best for them.  Talk about solidifying friendships!!!

How can we help you or your friends?


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