Great News from Superior Home Loans!

Have you ever done something and looked back on it thinking “That may be the best decision I’ve ever made”? About 2 months ago, Jim Baker of Baker and Lindsey Mortgage in Fort Walton Beach, FL and I began talking about our two companies, their similarities and the differences. What we realized was that we were both very good at certain parts of the equation, but we could both learn from one another. Through many meetings and discussions we decided that, Superior Home Loans, LLC should combine efforts with Baker and Lindsey Mortgage.

Baker and Lindsey Mortgage has existed since 1981.  In fact, when Steve moved to this area back in 1982 his parents got their loan from Baker Mortgage.  Similarly, when my parents got their first Florida loan in 1988, they used Baker Mortgage! This is a company that has earned a very solid reputation in the real estate industry and is approaching their 30th year of serving customers!

The biggest challenge faced by Superior Home Loans, LLC was the constant effort of getting loans closed on time while often being forced to use an Underwriter we didn’t know that worked in a different state. Our relatively insignificant status to the Underwriter caused all kinds of problems from general lack of communication to an unwillingness to look at anything outside of a normal situation. Certainly as you’re aware these are times when flexibility and communication are an absolute necessity. Steve and I were able to keep these issues from becoming inconveniences to the customer by working extra hard on the parts of the process we could control. We experienced many sleepless nights as our clients rested comfortably in their beds assured that everything was in good shape. Ultimately people were genuinely thrilled with the service they received (as evidenced by our testimonials) and over the past couple of years Superior Home Loans experienced huge growth during a declining market. But ultimately, I like my sleep, and I’m getting too old for that kind of mania!

Jim Baker underwrites many of the loans closed by Baker and Lindsey, and was previously an engineer. That’s got to be the best combination you could ask for in an Underwriter. He has the ability to make a decision to approve a loan or not, and his brain is constantly trying to figure things out. He enjoys solving problems vs. the typical “look for a way to decline” underwriting mindset. He can close loans I didn’t think were remotely possible partly because he thinks through situations, but also because he loans his own money! You know the golden rule right? He who has the gold makes the rules!

In the past month we have closed 11 loans as a part of Baker and Lindsey Mortgage. One of them happened this past Saturday. Believe it or not, I met the clients at the office at 1:30 Saturday afternoon, and by 5:30 that night they were closing on their home! 4 hours from initial application to closing. That’s got to be a record. And it’s something we couldn’t have accomplished just 2 months ago. Now more than ever before, I can confidently say we’re Providing a Professional Approach to Mortgage Finance!

We are still located in the same building with the same contact info, and we still use our “Superior Loan Process” to ensure the timely closing of the best financing option for a person’s overall financial situation.

How can we help you? Please contact us anytime!!

We’re providing a professional approach to mortgage finance!  How can we help you?


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