Weekly Update from Baker and Lindsey, Inc. | Niceville Office

Happy Independence Day!  As we look over the first half of 2009 it’s easy to focus on the volatility that grabbed the headlines week after week.  But this weekend is a powerful reminder that America has survived and, in fact, thrived through adversity for more than 230 years. Thanks to the diligence, wisdom and perseverance of the American people, we will navigate today’s challenges to reemerge stronger in the years to come.

We couldn’t be more proud of our support of the American dream.  Many people have inquired with us recently about purchasing their first home.  This has been made possible through housing that is more affordable now than at least since 1971 when the National Association of Realtors began calculations using their Housing Affordability Index.  I have been over this index many times in past newsletters.  Recent local numbers are posted at our website, available by clicking here.

We were able to help Ashley Davis accomplish the American dream with the purchase of her first home.  Her story was told on the front page of the Northwest Florida Daily News, and you can view the article by clicking here.

We are deeply grateful for our ability to help Veterans purchase homes.  Over 50% of our closings over the last 2 months have been for active, retired, and disabled Veterans using a V.A. loan.  I have a deep respect for Americans that have volunteered to serve our country in this way, and as such always work extra hard for these selfless individuals.  We’ve recently helped several individuals who are coming to the area to support the mission of the Joint Strike Fighter, and we are looking forward to the working with individuals with the Army 7th Special Forces Group that is coming from Fort Bragg.  If you or someone you know is looking for a V.A. loan please direct them to our coupon located at LocalAdLink by clicking here.

Please enjoy this Independence Day, remembering the hard fought battles that allow for our continued freedoms.  These include military battles, political battles, and finally (and most importantly to me) battles for our families – raising a generation of service to others and country above self.

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