Would you like to be a real estate baron?

Now is the time!  There is a wave of people moving to the Northwest Florida area.  I (Bart) am associated with a couple of different organizations that are tracking and preparing for the projected growth of our area, and the numbers look good!  I am a member of the Okaloosa County “Transition Council” which has meetings on a regular basis to be sure the area businesses are prepared for – and welcome, a large influx of people.  I wanted to take a few minutes to give you some of the statistics and projections I have access too.  As I said, this may be a great time to buy real estate, as the population is coming.

Okaloosa County is facing unprecedented growth within the next few years.  The congressional 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC) identified Okaloosa County military installations for an increase of approximately 4,500 military personnel; with their families the total population influx will be 10,000 by 2016. 

The majority of this growth will saturate Okaloosa County within a six month period in 2011.  That’s only about a year and half from now!!  These people are going to need housing.  BRAC is bringing people for primarily 2 new missions in our area. 

The Army 7th Special Forces Group Airborne (7th SGFA) will bring approximately 2,200 active military personnel.  With their spouses and children we expect just over 6,000.  The majority of these folks will arrive between April and September of 2011.  Because their newly built facility will be just south of Crestview, it is expected that most of them will want to live in Crestview.  However, these are (for the most part) fairly high ranking enlisted personnel with myriad income incentives.  In other words, they’ll have incomes that may support their living wherever they wish, be it Crestview, Baker, or Niceville/Destin.

The Air Force Joint Strike Fighter Initial Training Center (JSF IJTS) is anticipated to bring approximately 2,300 active duty personnel to Eglin Air Force base.  With their spouses and children we expect just over 4,800 people to be arriving between March 2010, and September 2016.  Many of these folks will be permanently stationed here, and will be pilots or associated maintenance people.  Either way, they’ll also have the income to purchase or rent fairly high end homes.

The continual defense-related industrial growth has helped our area sustain a relatively strong economy.  The Federal government’s continued employment and sending of thousands of people to our area will continue to have a very positive economic affect.  Will you be properly positioned to take advantage of this? 

Give our office a call and let’s talk about how you can be on leading edge of preparedness.

We’re providing a professional approach to mortgage finance!  How can we help you?


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