“The test results are in, and there’s something we need to talk about…”

That’s typically not how you want a conversation to begin!  For the Baker and Lindsey Niceville Office however, the test results seem to be positive all the time; so they’re things we like to discuss!  In an effort to serve our clients better and meet their highest expectations, we ask for our client’s input on how we have done in accomplishing our goals of providing value, service, and education.  In a nutshell, are we providing “A Professional Approach to Mortgage Finance”?  Indeed, the answer seems to be a resounding yes!

It has come to my attention that while I get to see these “test results” on a regular basis, I don’t share them with our newsletter readers.  Going forward I intend to publish a “quote of the week” in the Weekly Update coming from our office.  It is our sincere hope that by reading these comments from real people just like yourself, you’ll be even more confident when referring people to the Baker and Lindsey Niceville Office for mortgage financing.

Before I provide several recent comments though, I wanted to let you know that since mid April the Baker Lindsey Niceville Office has approved and funded mortgage financing for 16 people in the Okaloosa County area that had already been turned down by large banks, and other local lenders.  Obviously, we’re doing our best to turn the housing market around by providing solutions for these 16 houses (in addition to our 55 other closings) in just the last 5 months!  That’s an average of over 14 closings per month since April!

In this market that type of success can only be attributable to 2 things.  The first, Divine blessing, may not mean much to some folks, but to Steve and I it’s all that really matters.  The second is that our reputation is spreading.  We work hard to impress our clients.  Below are some comments we have recently received that I think you’ll find interesting.  If you’d like to see more, you can visit our office and see the book full of completed surveys on our lobby table.  So what are people saying?

Thank you Steve!  It has been a great pleasure working with you–easiest process I’ve been through in five home closings.” Sept 24, 2009 from Neil W. (Borrower)

Steve, I think this transaction went very well-especially since we had less than 3 weeks to close!  Even if you weren’t available to take my calls, I always got a return call quickly.  Great communication!  Thank you for your service!” Sept 23, 2009 from Linda Z. (Realtor)

This was a difficult time in our life.  We were very close to paying off our home.  Unfortunate circumstances created financial stress.  Bart & Steve offered much help and information.  Their attentiveness, respect, and caring attitude made this process stress-free and gave us confidence to move on.  God used them to bring relief and spur us on.  They were knowledgeable and businesslike yet personable and sensitive to our needs.  We thank God for such men of integrity.” Sept 11, 2009 from Carlos P. (Borrower)

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