Have you ever wanted to move to the countryside?

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and having some space to run can sound pretty tempting!  The fact is the city is where the jobs typically are so we’re faced with the decision of living in the city to be close to work or commuting a distance to enjoy the wide open spaces.  I’ve silently debated the advantages of country living for a long time.  Fortunately for me though, I have a choice.  For the people that used to live in Port-au-Prince Haiti, there is no choice.  There is nothing but death and destruction in the city.  According the Associated Press even the government there is urging many of the estimated 600,000 (now) homeless to look for better shelter with relatives or others in the countryside.  Phil told me it would come to this…

Typically this newsletter is about matters pertaining to real estate and includes stories from my heart and personal life as a father and husband.  This week however, I’m taking the opportunity to tell you of a way I am involved in helping the people of Haiti.  Many of you know I was fortunate enough to travel to Zambia, Africa in 2006 with Heart of The Bride Ministries based in Niceville, FL.  Heart of the Bride (HOB) is an organization we have supported in several ways since that time.  The President of HOB is a close personal friend of mine who resigned as a pastor of a local church to begin this ministry to help “those in greatest need”.  They’ve partnered with an orphanage in the northern countryside of Haiti for many years, and now that orphanage is the site of much needed help for people who have had their lives dramatically affected by the recent earthquake.

My friend Phil (A recently retired U.S. Marine and resident of Niceville) is taking (at least) 6 weeks from his regular job to join HOB to coordinate relief efforts.  Phil spent the latter part of his military career as a government liaison training and operating in and around the Caribbean, including Haiti.  He knew people would flock to the countryside and was already preparing for this before the government started encouraging it.  He will be leading a team of 10 to Haiti with over 12,000 pounds of food and supplies which are being collected by HOB partnering organizations and churches.  Now the need is to pay for the freight of these desperately needed supplies.  The cost of freight is $2/pound.  On the 12th of February the team will be taking the supplies to Haiti via aircraft.

I have read about and heard from many people who wish to make a meaningful donation to an organization that is providing disaster relief in Haiti with minimal administrative overhead.  As I said earlier, we have entrusted our financial support to HOB since 2006.  Will you join us in this specific effort?  You can donate any amount simply and easily via “Google Checkout” on the HOB website which you can reach at www.heartofthebride.org or by clicking the “Relief by the Pound” image.

 Thank you for your compassionate consideration!


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