Were you one of the 106 million people that watched the Super Bowl?

I watched the game with several friends and was excited to see the New Orleans Saints pull out a victory.  It’s funny how many meaningless statistics we heard during that game isn’t it?  There were a couple of significant statistics though including that this was the Saints’ first trip to the Super Bowl since their inception 43 years ago, the Saints comeback from behind tied for the biggest in Super Bowl history, and they came to the game as 5 point underdogs.  Everyone loves a good underdog story don’t they?

Wells Fargo, Wal-Mart, and GM are in the news all the time.  Their success (or failure) is monitored as if they are the bellwether to determine our ultimate end.  Many of these “big” companies are “too big to fail” and receive stimulus money making them (in effect) owned by all of us; making us the owners of many of the companies that indicate our future.  Weird huh?

Baker and Lindsey mortgage has been providing financing for people since 1981; while I think we have a long enough track record to identify some trends neither the Federal government nor the national press has asked us for our statistics.  It’s a shame as we are a big player in the local market and we’re the only non bank-owned mortgage lender among the top 10 lenders providing mortgages for home purchases in Okaloosa County for all of 2009.  While you’re hearing national statistics on TV and the internet, I thought you may want to hear some local stats too.  If we are the bellwether then your future looks bright, because the local guy (the Underdog) is doing very well!

In 2009 Baker and Lindsey, Inc (earning 3rd place* overall) closed 198 mortgages for people purchasing a home in Okaloosa County, a 36% increase over 2008. 

Just in the month of January, 2010 Baker and Lindsey, Inc closed 10 mortgages for people purchasing a home in Okaloosa County.  That’s a 100% increase over January of 2009. 

While you may hear negative numbers in the news about the big national mortgage lenders, keep in mind that there is a locally owned company gaining significant market share and doing very well.  Not all the news is doom and gloom.

Because this newsletter is from the Niceville Office for Baker and Lindsey, I thought you may want to hear the statistics for just the Niceville office.  In 2009 we closed 100 mortgages (75 for home purchases, 25 for mortgage refinances), a 72% increase over 2008!  Even 2008 was a 61% improvement over 2007.  In the Baker Lindsey Niceville office the news just keeps getting better and better.

We’re providing a professional approach to mortgage finance!  How can we help you?

* All statistics are published by “Metro Market Trends, Inc. a Real Estate Information Company.”



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