Recently, I celebrated the first of many 39th birthdays.

Typically, I love birthdays and promote mine to everyone.  This year I was decidedly more reserved; partly because I wasn’t as excited to “celebrate” my last year in the 30’s, and partly because my wife said maybe I had a problem with pride brought to light by my self-promotion.  Hmmm…. 

 Any birthday with a “9” at the end is a fairly big deal second only to birthdays with a “0” at the end. The significance of my age recently became more apparent as I eagerly got down on the floor to demonstrate to my 8 year old son the proper technique for a push up.  Wow!  I had proper technique, but for far fewer push ups than I was used to!  Where did the strength go?  I guess it fell off of me while I sat in my office chair.  I walk a couple of miles each day with my Dad and recently I figured I should add stretching to my daily routine.  That was another indication of my age as I couldn’t even come close to touching my toes if I kept my knees straight!  What’s happening to me????

The benefit of flexibility came up recently here at Baker Lindsey.  A fantastic Realtor in the area referred a client of hers to myself and another lender.  Somehow the client decided to work with the other lender (whom we’ll call “Bob”) without even calling me…. but I’m okay, really!  The buyer’s wanted a V.A. loan on this dream home so “Bob” started his regular process.  Unfortunately the V.A. appraisal indicated the home was worth far less than the sales price; but all parties believed the appraisal to be far too conservative and wanted a re-consideration of value.  “Bob” was completely stumped and his company policy wouldn’t allow him to do anything.  This effectively killed the deal and it all happened less than a week before the anticipated closing!

The Realtor called me and asked if there was anything we could do.  Fortunately we have flexibility.  If everyone, especially the Veteran, wants a re-consideration of value we’ll work for it.  We got our own V.A. appraisal done over the weekend, submitted it to our friends at the V.A. (yes, we know each other by name) and asked if they could hurry up perform a “reconsideration of value” with the appraisal we sent them.  They accepted our new appraisal right away and we were ready to close by Friday!  The new buyers are now in their dream home!  Flexibility, a willingness to exhaust all avenues, and speed, while often taken for granted are critically important more times than most people realize. 

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