What are you pursuing?

 I just talked to a good friend and long time veteran of the mortgage business. She retired today. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t absolutely have to work. She and her husband decided that her sanity and happiness were even more important than the big paychecks she was used to bringing home. This is a good reminder for everyone: pursue fulfillment, not dollars!

There are seasons when we must burn the “midnight oil”.  Certainly I understand that.  But if that’s your lifestyle you really shoud think about changing it!  Yesterday evening I got home before 6pm for the first time in a long time.  I ate dinner and then was able to throw the football with my kids; and taught them to play “500”.  It was a great time for everyone but my 2 year old son.  He doesn’t like the fact that his older siblings are faster, and bigger than he is!  By the time it was too dark to play any longer he was in such a melt down mode my wife had to hold him close for a while.  Poor kid!

When was the last time you threw a ball with you kids?  Or simply spent time with them doing something they wanted to do?  Are you consumed with generating income?  Is it really necessary – all the time?  Having spent almost a decade in real estate, I’ve seen commissioned sales people pursue the dollar at the expense of their relationships, their character, and all the other things that were once supremely important to them.  Certainly it can’t be worth that!  As my friend said today, what’s the point of me earning all this money if it’s just going to be spent on a mental health doctor or worse, my casket?  Good advice! 

Relationships and character.  Those are supremely important to me.  I pray I’ll never be identified as one who had his priorities out of whack.  Now, I’m going home for dinner and another game of catch!


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