"How" to foreclose? What about "Why"?

A major bank announced late Monday that it would resume foreclosures in 23 states — including Florida. The CEO says past foreclosure decisions were accurate as more than 80% of the foreclosures in question were more than a year behind on their mortgage. In fact, statistics I’ve heard show that most people who are foreclosed on are 540 days (almost a year and a half!) behind on their mortgage! Jeesh
I love that the law exists.  For the most part it makes our lives better.  It’s when we fight using the letter of the law while ignoring the spirit of the law that we stoop to lower levels.  If a person hasn’t been making a payment they should move out of the home.  That’s my opinion.  There is the opportunity to sell your home with a short sales, but you needn’t live in the home, banking the payments, working the system.  That’s just wrong!
If you can’t make your payments give me a call.  I have the state licenses necessary to discuss your situation with your current mortgage lender.  And if we have to, I can list your home for sale.   Even if it’s a short sale, let’s do that.  At least maintain your integrity.  Let us all be fortunate enough to look back over our lives and know that regardless of our situation, we always maintained a high level of integrity.  Honor your obligations, regardless of what the masses are doing. 
How can I help you?

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