A very happy new year indeed!

“You’re generally better off sticking with what you know” This time, I’ll agree with Donald Trump! 
In July while managing a branch for a locally owned mortgage lender the company I was working for was suddenly unable to fund mortgage loans.  Faced with a decision, I decided to pursue a career as a Realtor.  What was I thinking??  That is hard (and often thankless) work!  I never appreciated the effort a Realtor must put forth until I attempted the same.  Needless to say, I have a new respect for successful Realtors.
While is was a struggling Realtor, a management position became available with a large mortgage lender and I will happily return to mortgage lending beginning January 3rd.  My primary objective is to provide mortgage loans for people who want to purchase or refinance a home; but I will also be managing other Mortgage Loan Officers in Niceville and Destin, Florida.
Since late 2008 I have been publishing my own newsletter and maintaining a website with resources, links, tools, and a blog.  This is my first experience working for a large company with it’s associated compliance requirements.  In order to continue to provide timely information and resources without worrying about compliance I have decided to avoid any direct references to my employer on this website or in my newsletters moving forward.  
I encourage you to peruse this website viewing the tools, links, or former newsletters!  You may also call me using my phone number in the picture above.
I hope you too, have a very happy new year!

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