Do you have lender problems?

Don’t miss out on buying your dream house because another lender dropped the ball.  Let the professionals at Starkey Mortgage help save the day.

In today’s crazy no holds barred lending environment, the difference in getting the house of your dreams or sleeping in your car with your goldfish while everything you own is packed into the back of a moving van boils down to a simple choice that YOU make at the beginning of your home buying journey.  That choice is who will my loan officer be?

Your loan officer is not only going to be your guide on your loan journey; they are going to be your best friend, your financial advisor, your secretary, your moving planner, and, even, your psychologist.  That’s a lot of trust to place in the hands of one person.  You need to choose wisely.
A lot of lenders look similar, so what are you to do when deciding on your loan officer?
·        Look for a local lender.  You want to be able to sit down with your loan officer in person should you so choose.
·        Experience Pays Off! A lender that does one loan a month is very different than one who does ten.  Make sure your loan officer has been in the business longer than a week; their experience will make all the difference in your home buying experience.
·        Get References! Ask your friends, see what your Realtor® says, check out the testimonials on their websites, and see what they are doing on social media.
·        Most important of all —-Go with your gut! Find the loan officer that you click with; that you feel good about working with; your personalities should match up.  Remember, they are going to be your best friend during this process.
Starkey Mortgage strives to make home ownership a reality by putting people first. Whether you are a first time homebuyer, purchasing a new home or just needing refinance options, the professionals at Starkey Mortgage can tailor the services and products specific to your needs.  In today’s market, it is the team of individuals helping you that make the difference.



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