About Us

Bart Swan has been a mortgage lender since 2001 closing nearly 1,000 real estate transactions.  He was also trained as a Realtor at Century 21 Wilson Minger Agency in Niceville, FL although his Realtor license is currently “inactive”.  He brings a wealth of knowledge on mortgage finance to his clients, including Veterans Administration (VA) lending, fiscal and legislative understanding, mortgage qualification, credit scoring, rent vs. own comparison, and management of equity into an overall financial plan leading to wealth creation for you and your family.  Bart began his career in lending in Dallas, TX, as a Mortgage Loan Officer with a large mortgage bank. His experience and success eventually led him to open his own mortgage company in his hometown of Niceville. His aim remains to create positive experiences for his clients through a professional approach to mortgage finance and education.

Bart is a past Honorary Commander for the 46th Test Wing Operations Group, and yes, went for a ride in an F-15D!  He is married to Wendy (Williamson) of Niceville, and together they have 3 sons, 2 daughters, and a Maltese (because they don’t shed!).

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